Court rules in favor of Gromark in trademark infringement and passing-off case

Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte Ltd (“Gromark”) commenced legal proceedings in Malaysia against a Malaysian limited liability partnership, IWELLNESS WORLD PLT (LLP No. LLP0014642-LGN) in September 2018, for trying to pass off their unrelated supplement product “Whitania” as Crystal Tomato® by using actual registered Crystal Tomato® logo to associate with their brand.

The High Court Judge ruled in favour of Gromark and entered Summary Judgment against IWELLNESS WORLD PLT, to declare that the offending party has infringed and also tried to pass off as Crystal Tomato®.

A permanent injunction is issued to restrain IWELLNESS WORLD PLT from further unlawful infringement of Crystal Tomato® trademarks, and ordered to pay financial damages to Gromark.

Gromark views any infringement of its registered trademarks seriously, and will not hesitate to pursue legal action to enforce its trademark rights.